How to Get the Best from Enoteca’s Menu

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Occasionally we get a customer who is a little wrong-footed by our menu here at Enoteca. In the UK the traditional way of ordering food in a restaurant is to carefully read the menu, agonise over which of the several dishes you might want to choose or, rather, which dishes you are going to reject in favour of just one for your starter, then repeat the same excruciating process for the main course.

We say there is a better way. So for this family Italian restaurant on Bedford Place in Southampton we take a lead from our Venetian cousins and their ‘cicchetti’ and instead forget about courses and big plates of food for you alone and foregoing all the other delicious options. We say a resounding ‘no' to post-ordering regret, when you think everybody else’s food might have been a better choice than the one you actually made. Instead, we encourage you to order lots of little plates to share with the whole table. Taste everything! Have a nibble on all the menu items that take your fancy! Our Roman waitress, Marta, summed it up pretty perfectly - create your meal from lots of plates and little tastes.

Of course, the Spanish have been doing this for centuries with Tapas - we've just used Italian recipes for ours!

However, we recognise that even our select little menu can still create a mini-dilemma of choice, so we offer things like a pre-theatre set price menu that offers just four choices from our most popular dishes. This allows you to choose quickly which helps make sure you haver plenty of time to thoroughly enjoy your food before the five minute walk over to the Mayflower Theatre or the O2 Guildhall.