We started Enoteca in January of 2016, based on the idea that people love being able to order many dishes from a menu and share those dishes with their dining companions. It's certainly how I and my family love to eat at home!

My wife and I took our children to Rome for a summer holiday in 2015 and whilst we ate in many great little restaurants and pizzerias, one in particular stood out. It was a small place, with wine stashed on shelves throughout the narrow dining area, with very little pretension to grandeur. The menu was simple: a few cooked dishes, some local specialities and plenty of meats and cheeses to build a charcuterie "plate". The wine was inexpensive and delicious. My wife and I agreed that if ever we opened a restaurant, this style was what we would aim for. We later came to understand that one of the definitions of the italian word 'Enoteca' described what we wanted - a small restaurant focused on quality wine and food.

The head chef is me - Neil Moodley. I switched careers from a couple of decades in IT to food to follow my passion. I qualified with my Cordon Bleu Diploma from Gordon Ramsay's Tante Marie Culinary Academy in 2013. I truly believe that food is the greatest unifier of people. A meal shared is, in my view, a great comforter, a great inspirer and the only way to feed mind, body and soul at the same time.

My wife, Laura, runs the more complex elements of the business - the accounts and so forth but most importantly she inspires me to greater efforts to nourish others.

And of course our children - Alex and Ellie. What greater inspiration than they?

It's a family thing :)

Lots of our images are taken by us, but the really pretty ones are taken by Ellisha-Jade at Mirror Digital Media.