About us

It all started when…

We opened the doors to Enoteca in January of 2016. Bringing the idea of ordering many dishes from a menu and then sharing those dishes with companions, the inspiration came from a family summer holiday to Rome. Whilst we ate in many great little restaurants, one in particular stood out. A small place with wine stashed on shelves throughout the narrow dining area, not grand but bursting with character. The menu was simple: a few cooked dishes, some local specialities and plenty of meats and cheeses to build a charcuterie "plate".  The wine was inexpensive and delicious. My wife and I agreed that if ever we opened a restaurant, this was the style we would aim for. We later came to understand that one of the definitions of the Italian word 'Enoteca' described our dream exactly - a small restaurant focused on quality wine and food - so that’s what we’ve created.


The head chef is me - Neil Moodley. I made the decision to switch careers after a couple of decades in IT and now follow my real passion : food. Having qualified with my Cordon Bleu Diploma from Gordon Ramsay's Tante Marie Culinary Academy in 2013, I then went on to hone my skills and plan a gastronomic future in the form of Enoteca Southampton. My wife Laura takes care of the number crunching and most importantly inspires me to greater efforts and our children, Alex and Ellie, are our biggest fans and toughest critics. Alex is already helping out in the restaurant, working on his prep skills and welcoming customers. It really is a family business.


I truly believe that food is the greatest unifier of people. A meal shared is, in my view, a great comforter, a great inspirer and the only way to feed mind, body and soul - all at the same time.


We look forward to welcoming you to Enoteca very soon.